What we do

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Ric Brown Family Funeral Home – Alamo (Left) & Mission (Right)

Why Ric Brown Family Funeral Home?

Since 1998, Ric Brown Family Funeral Home has been serving the city of Mission as well as surrounding cities making a well known impression in our community. See with us, its more that just a funeral service and a few businesslike words, we know everyone is different so we make it personal to you and the person you are honoring. Losing a loved one is hard to cope with but we are here for you and your family every step of the way, always seeking ways to do more. To achieve this level of service, you can’t just teach an employee or have a staff recite a written ethos; thats why here at Ric Brown serving your family is part of who we are, its woven to the fabric of what keeps our business together and in our blood that keep us going every day — much like a family.

Doing More

Memorial Items for Sale
Bookmark $5, DVD $25, Picture frame $15 or purchase all three for $40


In every funeral, with photos provided, we will make your family a personalized bookmark, DVD* and picture frame free as a gift to your family from Ric Brown Family Funeral Home. Furthermore, if any friends or family members would like additional copies, they are also available for purchase, just call or walk into our office to ask for memorial items of current services or even previous services.

*DVD’s can have up to 50 physical photos or 100 digital photos (on a usb drive) as well as an option to put up to 10 min. of music of your choice. DVD’s are playable on any current computers, laptops or external disc players.

Funeral Customization

On December 2, 2014 Ric Brown Family Funeral Home had the privilege of arranging the honoring of the life of Fire Fighter Rene Alaniz and it was an example of how extensive you can personalize your funeral here. Watch the videos below to see the heart moving ceremony that nearly put all of the city of Mission to a halt as firefighters from all over South Texas came to commemorate the life and service of Rene Alaniz.